European Go Congress 2019
20 July to 4 August 2019, Brussels



Welcome to Brussels!

We would like to extend a warm welcome on behalf of all the EGC2019 staff.
Whether you arrive early or late, it will be our goal to make you feel welcome and to help you enjoy your stay at the congress. Feel free to ask the people at the infodesk should you have any questions, they will do their best to help you.

You might be wondering how to best get to the congress venue. It will be easiest to enter Brussels by train. If you come by plane, don't worry, there is a direct line between the Zaventem Airport and Brussels Central Station, a ride that will take about 20 minutes. The venue is only a short 10 minute walk from the Brussels Central Station.
If you're staying at a hotel in or near the center, rest assured, the venue is located a mere 5 minutes from the Grand Place.

Below you'll find an image of where the venue's buildings are located relative to eachother.

We really hope you will enjoy this fine moment in our capital city. Take a few hours to visit the City center: Manneken-Pis, the Grand Place and many other fine buildings are just a few steps away! But there is so much more to see and taste here in Belgium, enjoy your holidays!


EGC Childcare


Tourism in Brussels


Now there is a new way to visit Brussels.

Go to, your real-time city guide.

( is an interactive web-application from our sponsor

When & How To Register?

The registration desk will be open from 9:00 to 20:00 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday; after that, people are welcome to register at the infodesk.

Pre-registered participants will receive a form to double-check and confirm their data.

New participants will receive a blank form.

When returning the form to the registration / info desk, you will receive a welcome bag.

European players: Please note that by default we will use EGD ranking. If you want a different rank please ask, under certain circumstances we can consider it.



Curious about what to do when and where? You can find it in the schedule in your booklet or on our website.


Open European Championship (Main Tournament): EuroGoTV1, EuroGoTV2


Pandanet Go Team Championship Finals:Pandanet/IGS server TeamChamp1, TeamChamp2, TeamChamp3, TeamChamp4


European Championship: EGF1, EGF2, EGF3, EGF4


You can also watch the broadcast on the big screen in the cafetaria.


Getting around in Brussels

Check out these useful websites to make getting around in Brussels easy.

Transport in Brussel

Contactless tickets for travellers and tourist

Plan a trip in Brussels

Villo! Brussels by bike


Here in Brussels, we care about the environment! Please follow these simple rules for waste disposal:
Yellow bin: paper, cardboard (clean and dry)
Blue bin: plastic bottles, metallic packagings (cans, tins), drink cartons
Black bin: other waste

Note: the water in bathrooms is drinking water.
Please enjoy it with a reusable bottle!



Emergency contacts



Medical / Fire


You will receive a short daily newsletter and round announcement every morning, except if you request not to.
You can request to be taken off the subscribers-list at the infodesk or by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with title "Unsubscribe".

Dear participants, 

One month before the start of the Congress, here are some news from the organization team! 

First of all, there is an important practical point: the building is limited in space, and therefore, we cannot host more than 720 players at the same time. So far it should not be a problem, but given the fast pace of subscriptions recently, I strongly recommend all players to register online before coming to the Congress. We will then make sure that there is room for everyone. 

Register now!

We have prepared some big and small surprises for you!

Most importantly, we are busy building an amazing teaching team. They have prepared for you two lectures a day, simultaneous games, a review corner with specialized reviewers for dan and kyu players, and a little treat from In-Seong Hwang: a daily tsumego challenge, theTrouble Master, which you can receive in the morning in a newsletter. It will be solved in the afternoon before the other lectures. 

Besides the classic prizes, tee-shirts, and bookshop vouchers you could receive as prizes in the tournament and side events, there will be also vouchers for the Yunguseng Dojang and Guo Juan's Internet Go School. Try and win one! 


In the building, there is a great cafeteria, Loft 58, where you can find all sorts of refreshing drinks, Belgian beers, hot meals and snacks any time of the day. We will equip it with go boards and it will become, temporarily, the biggest Go club in Europe! Top games broadcast, Karaoke night, concert night, you name it! There is a special treat for you but it's a secr... Yes, it's a snack... Oh yes, a kind of snack that you can only find at a Go event organized in Brussels... Can you guess what? 

L’image contient peut-être : personnes assises, salon, table et intérieur

Given the growing number of young participants the past few years, and their generally late registration, we have decided to adjust their fees.

The EGC’s policy has always been to welcome young participants, which is why children under 12 can participate for free. They are treated in the same way as the other players: receiving a welcome bag on arrival, and winning prizes if in the same way as adult participants.

We are doing this because children are important for the future of the go community.
Given the growing number of young participants the past few years, and their generally late registration, we have decided to adjust their fees. Participation will still be free for until March 10th, but we will ask for a small fee (20€) for late registrations.

This child free registration deadline is only to allow us to plan the congress with a reasonably accurate idea of the number of participants, so please remind everyone to register their children on time!

Our sponsor VisitBrussels selected for you some amazing deals in a variety of quality accommodations in Brussels. We strongly suggest you pick one on this website: 

VisitBrussel’s booking desk


Hurry up to enjoy the best early rates! The current tariff will expire on May 20th. After that date, prices will be higher and there might be fewer rooms available. 

We are pleased to announce that registration for the EGC 2019 is now open.

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