European Go Congress 2019
20 July to 4 August 2019, Brussels

Start with crazy openings and have fun!

In this tournament, every game will start with a somehow crazy opening that is (according to AI) fair. Each round will have different and unpredictable starting configurations, so forget about Joseki and just delve into a fun game!

Tournament date: Friday, August 2nd

Registration deadline: Friday, August 2nd, 14:00

Tournament schedule

18:00 Round 1

19:20 Round 2

20:40 Round 3

22:00 Prize giving

Game rules

Starting configuration will be determined at the beginning of each round.

20 Minutes + 5 seconds Fischer time, 19x19 boards, 7 points Komi.

3 rounds MacMahon System, prizes only for players who play all 3 rounds.


Prizes are sponsored by the Confucius Institute Trier

1st place: Yin Yang trophy and a special prize

Special prizes for:

  • 2nd-5th place
  • everybody with three wins
  • best child (<12 years)
  • best senior (≥ 60 years)