European Go Congress 2019
20 July to 4 August 2019, Brussels

Where and when?

Tuesday 30th of July at 7:30 pm in Loft58 (the cafeteria)

How to find an opponent?

Look around! Ask anyone playing the tournament; strength does not matter since we play with full handicap. However, you may only challenge people who also play the tournament, and you may challenge each player only once.

Before you start the game, make sure you have:

  • 19x19 board with stones
  • One beer each (0,33l with ~5% alcohol)
  • A clock set to 10min sudden death 
  • Your result-sheet

Rules during the game

  • We play with full handicap; white always has 0.5 komi. If the handicap is higher then 9 stones, the weaker player may put the stones 10, 11, … wherever he or she pleases
  • If you play an even game, white has 6.5 komi
  • Drinking your beer:
    • You may drink during the game as long you or your opponent did not run out of time!
    • If you finish the game early just keep the clock running and finish your beer in time.

How to fill out the result-sheet

  • Put in yBeerNGo.pngour name and strength
  • Always write your partners name with clear handwriting
  • If you won, your partner must sign his name in the column “Result”
  • If you drank your beer in time your partner signs his name in the column “Beer” 





The end of the tournament

Please hand in your sheet at the end of the tournament, even if you only played a few rounds. We will pronounce the end of the tournament early enough, so that you have time to do so. You may turn it in at any time before that, too.

The point-system

Since this is a beer-tournament, you will gain one point for finishing your beer. If you did get that point and won the game, you also get a point for the win.