European Go Congress 2019
20 July to 4 August 2019, Brussels


Registration deadline: Tuesday July 23, 18:00

Group qualifications: Wednesday July 24, 10:00

KO finals: Wednesday July 24, 14:00

Start: on time

Rules: Verbal European-Japanese Rules, EGF General Tournament Rules

Time: 10' sudden death

Handicap: see the 13x13 handicap table

Ranks: Amateurs declare their ranks. Professionals start as 8D.

Pairing, placement, qualification: see the group table or KO tree

Mandatory play: Registered / qualified players must play.

Move: place stone, remove any stones, press the clock

Optional stop: place stone, stop clock, remove 3+ stones, start clock, press clock

Clock: White, else Black may choose where to place the clock. The playing hand presses the clock.

Neutral phase

The alternation consists of the competitive phase followed by the neutral phase. During the competitive phase, one or both players moving next can make a play to improve the score or to fill a basic endgame ko. During the neutral phase, neither player can do so because only dame and teire, if any, are left.

If the first two successive passes occur prematurely during the competitive phase, then the clock is neutralised, each player's time is set to exactly 1 minute, and the clock is restarted for resumed alternation.

Until two successive passes during the neutral phase, every legal play is considered sportsmanlike. During the neutral phase, a player has to pass if his opponent has just passed. Then on neutralised time, more dame and teire may be filled quickly in continued alternation.

Handicap table