European Go Congress 2019
20 July to 4 August 2019, Brussels

The European Championship is a special tournament for 32 players, managed by the European Go Federation. It consists of 8 rounds, starting on Sunday 21st July and ending on Sunday 28th July.

You can read and follow all details and results directly on the EGF website. 

Live comment on Twitch: 

R3, Tuesday, stream 10:00, comment 11:30

R5, Thursday, stream 10:00, comment 11:30

Quarterfinals, Friday, stream 10:30, comment 12:00

Semifinals, Saturday, stream 10:00, comment 11:30

For the fifth time this championship is being played with a new system. Until 2014 the European Championship was a 10 round Mc Mahon tournament open to everyone, where the best 8 Europeans after 7 rounds played three single knockout rounds at the end.

Since 2015 we have had a dedicated tournament for selecting the European Champion, with «connections» to the 10 round main tournament (the Open European Championship). This year we play a mix of double knockout and single knockout systems. Starting with double knockout in the first 5 rounds, 8 players compete for the championship in a single knockout tournament in rounds 6 to 8. The chart is available here :

On Sunday 28th July, we will have only two games, one for the third place and one for the championship.

The 32 players were determined in the following way:
A. Top 8 players of the European Championship 2018
B. Top 8 players out of the Grand Prix 2018 (year-end list)
C. 14 players by their rating in the European Go Database (EGD) D. 2 players by EGF-wildcards

To be eligible for the European Championship you must be a citizen of an EGF member country, and you must have attended at least one EGD tournament within the last 12 months.


Japanese rules, 6.5 komi. Even game. Fischer time 90 min + 45 sec per move.