European Go Congress 2019
20 July to 4 August 2019, Brussels

Sung-Rae Kim 

Became pro. at 34 in 1996.



Lecturer of Baduk Dep. in Myong-Ji University for 5 years.

Had stayed to teach Baduk in Budapest for two years (2011, 2012). 

The father of Chae-Young Kim (World female pro. champion in 2018, Wu Qingyuan Cup) and Da-Young Kim (Korean female pro. champion in 2017, Female KiSeong) 

Wrote many Baduk books as follows.

- Speed Baduk Vol.12

- 21st century New Openings vol. 1-5

- After Joseki, After Openings

- Plus Alpha Baduk vol. 24 

- AI New Openings(2019)