European Go Congress 2019
20 July to 4 August 2019, Brussels

Chang Ruei Jie, 3P


*Born in January 1999 in Taipei, Taiwan 

張 瑞傑

Go Career Profile: 

  • He became a pro of the Nihon Ki-in (Tokyo), being certified as a professional shodan in 2014.
  • He got promoted to 3 dan pro in 2018.  
  • He got qualified to the GLOBIS Cup World Go U-20 in 2017 as one of Japan’s representatives.  
  • He studied English for over 10 months in 2017 at an English conversational school in Japan.
  • He was dispatched to Seattle in spring 2018 for promotion of go and teaching at the Seattle Go Center in Seattle in the U.S.